painful bump on stretch mark

16. prosince 2011 v 11:53

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So I have these stretch marks that go right below my bellybutton all the way down to my pubic bone. They are extremely red and I have started getting rash-like bumps .
Rash. could it be ringworm? i noticed about 3-4 days ago that i had this patch (about a nickel size) on my upper chest near my shoulder that has become very itchy .
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painful bump on stretch mark

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I am one month post op and in one of my nostrils I have a hard lump (almost looks like a pimple or polyp). It's painful, but doesn't really look all that red or .
Okay I have a question. I of course have stretch marks from my pregnancies! And painful bump on stretch mark well after i had my first son i noticed that everyonce in a while I will get these .
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I have painful bump on stretch mark fairly bad stretch marks from my gigantic babies and lately I have developed several zit-like infections in the stretch marks. This is four and
If you got your ear pierced right over the bump, go back to the doctor, something might need to be done with the cyst. If the piercing is just purple and swollen keep .
I'm 2 years PP. Yes, I still have stretch marks Anywho, I have this painful bump on my stomach thats on a stretch mark. It's not a zit, that I know.
Mark I have a lump under the top of my eyelid its swollen in the corner by my nose its sore
I am overweight and have had stretchmarks since I was young. One of my stretchmarks on my side has developed a large painful red bump. It has been there for 3-4 weeks .
I have stretch marks on my hips from pregnancy and yesterday I noticed a bump on my stretch mark..I thought it was a really big pimple but looking closer .
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